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about me yogaholick

I’m yogaholick and I’m not shy for it 🙂

I really am. And I’m really not shy for it. Almost every yoga laic thinks that yoga is about sitting in calmness under the tree or about folding the legs in incredible creations 🙂 Of course this is part of yoga, but the base is far away from this image. The base of yoga is about connection. About connection with yourself and your surroundings. One without the other doesn’t exist. And this is what I realized when I began with yoga on the greenyard under the apple tree 🙂 To be honest, there was no sitting in calmness  and my body felt incredible happiness of every single movements. I smelled the air around me, was listening to the birds singing and was slowly learning how to breathe freely again! 

This happened about 6 years ago. And that was the moment I knew, this is for me! I realized, this is my journey, my purpose. Could be a bit crazy but I’m sure that most of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So since then we’re together and travelling the world together. Yoga and me! Would you join us on our journey? 🙂

about me yogaholick

How was my yoga experience abroad?

Past three years I spent travelling the world and every single place I’ve visited I studied yoga there to feel different places, different styles, different attitude. I studied in many countries but the place of my hearth is Sri Lanka and India


I’m certified to teach traditional Hatha yoga, Hatha Flow yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Ayur yoga and Hormonal yoga. More than six years intensive experience gave me a lot to share and I’m more than happy to share my joga journey with you. Would you join me? 🙂

author: Magdalena Klizova

Discover your healthy addiction. Be a yogaholick!